Les Valeurs de L'association: Solidarité, Responsabilité, Respect et Sécurité

Notre travail est un travail continu sur le terrain et d'accompagnement avec les victimes pendant et jusqu'à l'autonomie de celles-ci.
Qui sommes nous?


Scandalisés par les conditions des femmes étrangères et portugaises dans les centres d’abris pour victimes de violences conjugales, je dénonçais les faits en 2017 puis en 2020, puis nous en sommes arrivés à créer une Association Européenne qui grandit chaque jour.

Nous enquêtons et révélons les faits lorsque des atteintes aux droits humains ont lieu. Tout citoyen a le droit à la dignité, au respect et à la protection dans le monde.

Every Young Person Deserves a Good Childhood

That’s why we fight for the hope and happiness of young people when it’s threatened by abuse, exploitation and neglect. We see the hope and courage in young people every day, and it inspires us to support them through their most serious life challenges.

Now we’re stepping up the fight for hope and happiness at a time when it’s under threat like never before. Our goal and vision are built around the hopes of young people, to achieve long-lasting change for this generation and the ones to come.

Soutenez-nous! Aidez à arrêter la violence.

Join Our Mission by Supporting Our Causes

Speaking of Sponsorship

Sponsors and supporters share their love of helping children

“There are so many people living in poverty all around the world and you may not be able to help all of them. But I have seen how sponsoring just one person has brought a life-changing hope to his life.”


“I have so much enjoyed being a sponsor for many years. The gratitude and love and letters I receive from children and family warms and touches my heart.”


“We would encourage anybody to sponsor, it’s so easy to spend £28 a month on coffees, magazines and treats without really thinking about it. But for the same cost each month you could change a child’s life.”


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